Washington [N and CAR]

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Washington [N and CAR] (1837-1847)

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Opened on the Newtyle and Coupar Angus Railway.


This station was located in Washington, just east of Ardler station and west of Ardler Junction. It was built to serve the planned new railway village which was feud by George Kinloch (senior).

The station closed in 1847 when the line closed for conversion to standard gauge and doubling. George Kinloch (junior) sold land sufficient for doubling and was compensated for the station building which was demolished. Ardler station took over. After re-opening in 1848 a siding remained here on the north side, approached from the east.

The siding was closed by 1900. Despite closure so long ago, the boundary of the former trackbed, the line closed in 1983, still broadens at the former station site to accommodate the long gone siding.

Washington is now known as Ardler.



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