Three Cocks Junction

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Three Cocks Junction (1864-1962)

, Wales
Opened on the Mid Wales Railway.
Opened on the Hay Railway.


This was a four platform junction station. The junction was to the south.

On the trackbed and to the north east on the former Hay Railway (later the Hereford, Hay and Brecon Railway) is the Old Railway Line Garden Centre




Gaelic name: Aberllynfi

Chronology Dates

  /  /1860Hay Railway
Divided. Hay to Three Cocks Junction was owned jointly by the Hereford, Hay and Brecon Railway and the Mid Wales Railway. Three Cocks Junction to Talyllyn was owned by the Mid Wales Railway. Talyllyn to Brecon was owned by the Brecon and Merthyr Railway. Hay to Eardisley was owned by the Hereford, Hay and Brecon Railway.