Tay Bridge South Junction [1st]

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Tay Bridge South Junction [1st] (1879-1879)

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Opened on the Newport Railway.
Opened on the Tay Bridge and Associated Lines (North British Railway).


This junction opened in 1879 when the Newport Railway was opened to meet the 1878 Tay Bridge and Associated Lines (North British Railway) at the south end of the Tay Bridge [1st]. The southern end of the bridge was modified with the addition of a new girder bridge which met the existing bridge offshore. The junction was entirely offshore.

The original signal box was the southern end of the bridge controlled where the double track from Leuchars reduced to a single track to cross the bridge northwards to Dundee. This box was at the southern end of the bridge and on the west side of the line.

A second signal box was opened on the bridge in the 'V' of the junction over the sea. Both boxes co-existed, appearing in photographs together, although it is possible the new box replaced the older. There was much time between the opening of the Newport Railway and the collapse of the High Girders of the Tay Bridge [1st].

With the collapse of the bridge the lines fell out of use. When a new signal box opened it was at the south end of the new Tay Bridge located in a new position.


Signal box junction


Tay Bridge South Signalbox


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