Stoneybrae Twin Signal Box

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Stoneybrae Twin Signal Box (1888-1966)

Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway.
Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway.


This twin frame box, opened 1888, was west of Paisley Gilmour Street. It controlled the two separate routes west from the station: to Greenock and Ayr. In addition there was a connection between the lines via a short headshunt exchange siding.

The box replaced the Paisley Junction box - the junction between the lines was originally to the west of the station before line quadrupling east to Glasgow in 1888-90, when Paisley Junction was replaced by Wallneuk Junction at the east of the station.

The box closed in 1966, replaced by Paisley Power Box.


Junction signal box two frame box


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