Wallneuk Junction

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Wallneuk Junction (1877-)

Station code: National Rail
Opened on the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway.
Opened on the Paisley Abercorn Curve and Greenlaw Goods (Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway).


This junction is east of Paisley Gilmour Street. It is the junction between the lines to Greenock and Ayr.

It originally controlled the route west to the two platform Paisley station (now Paisley Gilmour Street) and the line east to Glasgow which had a new goods loop running on the north side of the main line as far east as Arkleston Junction. From this loop Greenlaw Goods was served. This junction between main line and goods loop opened in 1877 and a new box opened with it. (This was related to the laying of a new approach to the Renfrew line in 1874 and the original course being used as a goods loop and approach to Greenlaw Goods.)

Paisley station was reconstructed in 1887 from two platforms to four platforms (two new platforms being added to the north of the existing platforms). The signal box was replaced. The new box was south of the junction.

The box now controlled the routes to Ayr and Greenock to the west and the goods loop and main line to Glasgow to the east.

The box closed in 1966 and was replaced by Paisley Power Box.



Chronology Dates

16/04/1979Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway
7 are killed in a head on crash directly east of Paisley Gilmour Street at Wallneuk Junction when a DMU starts from the station passing a danger signal and runs into the path of a EMU.


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