Smyllum South Junction

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Names and dates

Douglas Junction South (1864-1910)
Smyllum South Junction (1910-1965)

Opened on the Douglas Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This was the southern apex of a triangle of junctions between the 1854 Lanark Branch (Caledonian Railway) and the 1864 Douglas Branch (Caledonian Railway). This was the junction between the west (for Lanark) and east forks which opened in 1864.

Both forks were single track. There was a signal box, Douglas Junction South on the west side of the junction.

The junction was remodelled in 1910 and moved further south. The signal box closed and was replaced by a new box south of Hyndford Road at Lanark Racecourse which opened in the same year. The old box remained standing for several years after closure. The embankment north to Smyllum East Junction was prepared for two lines but carried a single track. For a short length, the original southern junction to the new junction, the line appeared as if a double track. It singled to cross over Hyndford Road.

The Douglas line closed to passengers in 1964 and closed beyond Ponfeigh. It was retained to serve Douglas Colliery. The box closed in 1965 when the curve to Smyllum West Junction was taken out. It had been useful for turning engines.

The colliery was mothballed in 1967 after a fire and closed the following year. The Douglas branch closed completely in 1968.

The site has since been landscaped although the embankments remain.