Seafield Level Crossing

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Seafield Level Crossing (1835-1916)
Seafield Junction [NB] (1916-1968)
Seafield Level Crossing (1968-)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway.

Opened on the Lothian Lines (North British Railway).

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Seafield Junction was at the Marine Esplanade Level Crossing (now called Seafield Level Crossing).

The original Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway was a single track line here, on the shoreline. With more docks opening in Leith, particularly the Leith Edinburgh Dock of 1888, the line was progressively doubled. With the opening of the Leith Imperial Dock of 1898, opened with coal export particularly in mind, improvements were needed.

In 1912 the line from Meadows Box [1st] was doubled.

Here the original Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway line had two additional lines of the Lothian Lines (North British Railway) laid on the north side in 1916 which ran east to Meadows Box [2nd]. These lines met here at Seafield and to the west expanded into the Seafield Yards (now called Leith South Yard]]). The original yards were to the south and additional Lothian Lines yard to the north, with the Caledonian Railway yard further north again.

To the east of the box the two double track lines had crossovers, to the west was the signal box, then a footbridge and then the fanning out lines were crossed by the Caledonian Railway's Seafield Viaduct.

The box closed in 1968 and the lines approaching from the east were drastically rationalised.

Today the line is single track. The level crossing remains in use and the rather long and deteriorating lattice footbridge remains.




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