Meadows Box [2nd]

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Meadows Box [2nd] (1916-1964)

Opened on the Lothian Lines (North British Railway).

Opened on the Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway.

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In 1916 the Lothian Lines (North British Railway) opened here.

Seafield Road, approaching from the west, was deviated a little to the south and then swung over the line on two bridges. This replaced Seafield Crossing, with Seafield Road, which had been increasingly a bottleneck.

Two bridges were required as two double track lines passed below the new road alignment.

To the east the northern of the two double lines was the original Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway. The southern line ran to Meadows Yard. The signal box was between the two double lines.

To the west the old E&DR was met by the new Lothian Lines from the east. Going west the old E&DR was the southern of the two double lines and a new Lothian Lines alignment was laid on the north side as far as Seafield Junction [NB].

This layout meant that the line was quadruple track between King's Road Signal Box and Seafield Junction [NB].

The layout was rationalised in the 1960s. Ultimately west of the road bridge only the former eastbound line of the original alignment was retained. To the east the line to Meadows Yard was retained. This was because the yard also served Leith East Goods (from 1966). This choice has led to the curious route of the line in the area, with multiple bends.

The Seafield Road bridge was noted for the sighting signals which were mounted on the east side, south end of the bridge.


Signal Box junction

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