Rutherglen North Junction [1st]

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Rutherglen North Junction [1st] (1896-1969)

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Opened on the Dalmarnock Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This junction was at the north end of Rutherglen station, lines fanned out here to the terminus built within the triangular junction.

The first signal box here opened in 1896 and closed in 1897, probably a temporary box used while the terminus was completed.

The second box was at the north end of the northbound platform of the east to north curving platforms. This was a large box overhanging one of the carriage sidings on its west side.

The box looked west over the carriage sidings and bay platforms (and west to north curve).

The box controlled from west to east:
- three bay platforms (built to the east of the north to west curve)
- carriage sidings

These platforms and carriages sidings were an integral part of the Glasgow Central Railway route, providing a terminus for trains on that line.

The Glasgow Central Railway closed in 1964. The box closed in 1969. Some carriage sidings remained until the resignalling of the area under the Glasgow Central Power Box in 1973.

A new Rutherglen North Junction opened here in 1979 for the Argyle Line ([[Glasgow Central Railway re-opening). This has a slightly different purpose and essentially replaced Clydebridge Junction.