Rodney Street Tunnel

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Rodney Street Tunnel (1846-1968)

Opened on the Edinburgh, Leith and Newhaven Railway.


This is a disused former double track single bore tunnel between the former Scotland Street station (south) and Heriothill Goods (north). Also known as the Heriothill Tunnel.

Rather than the usual tunnel shape, this one is elliptical, or horseshoe, shaped in profile. The tunnel entrances are unusually fine. (Trinity Tunnel, further north, has a similar profile but has not been partly filled in.)

The tunnel now carries a footpath, having re-opened in 2008. The full depth of the tunnel has not been re-excavated, the full horseshoe cannot be appreciated.

The engineers were Thomas Grainger and John Miller.


Tunnel footpath 04/10/2019


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