Princes Street Gardens Cutting

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Princes Street Gardens Cutting (1846-)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway.


The Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway was extended east from Haymarket through Haymarket Tunnel to what is now Edinburgh Waverley station through Princes Street Gardens and the Mound Tunnels under The Mound in 1846.

A 'Princes Street Gardens' signal box split the section between Haymarket and Edinburgh Waverley. It was located on the north side of the line. This closed in 1892.

In 1895, five years after the Forth Bridge opened, the line was quadrupled to handle the additional traffic. The new lines were laid to the south of the existing railway A new larger signal box opened. This was a little to the east of its predecessor and also on the north side of the line.

The box closed in 1936 during a re-signalling of Edinburgh Waverley. It was absorbed by Waverley West signal box, itself replaced in 1976 by Edinburgh Signalling Centre.

The railway is still four tracks wide.


To the north are the Princes Street Gardens

To the south is Edinburgh Castle .



Railway cutting four track