Portobello Yard

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Portobello Yard


This yard was laid out on either side of the original course of the railway at Portobello between Portobello West Junction and Portobello East Junction. The passenger lines were realigned to the south, curving round the yard with Portobello [3rd] station at the west end of the deviation.

Sidings laid out to the south of the original course of the line were looped. Those to the north were dead end, approached from the east. These sidings were progressively extended over some time.

Fast non-stop lines were laid on either side of the island platform at Portobello [3rd] when the line west was quadrupled.

When the Lothian Lines (North British Railway) were built these were laid out to skirt round the north side of the yard.


Portobello Yard's up sidings closed in 1962 with the opening of Millerhill Yard Up Sorting Sidings.

Portobello Yard closed completely in 1963 with the opening of Millerhill Yard Down Sorting Sidings.

Following closure the site was used for the Portobello Freightliner Terminal.


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