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Perth Harbour (1853-1968)


This harbour is on the west side of the River Tay and is in the south of Perth. It is a tidal harbour approached from the south.

The branch from Friarton Junction served the harbour. In doing so it served a number of works between the junction and harbour although the layout was slightly tortuous.

Perth South Goods sidings were accessed from Friarton Junction, to the south. Initially there was a connection to the mainline at this junction allowing a train from the south to run north down the east side of Perth Prison to a reversing spur by the slaughter house at Lime Shore (the south end of Shore Road) alongside the River Tay (to the east) and South Inch (to the west). Several small shipyards were located nearby on the west bank of the river. There was no loop here, but an extremely short loop was on the line to the junction close to the reversing spur.

From here a train would reverse to reach the harbour. A power station and brick works were also served, both on the river side of the line. At the harbour the line divided to serve the west and east quays. A glass works, later a Scottish Agricultural Industries site, was on the east quay.

Returning to Friarton, a connection from the south end of the goods sidings ran south, round the rear of the signal box, and then east to serve the gas works and manure depot (Friarton Chemical Manure Works was a little to the north).

In later years, following the resignalling of 1962, Friarton Junction was altered such that a main line train could not directly access the harbour line but had to enter the sidings, then run down the rear of the signal box before reversing again to reach the harbour via its reversing spur.


Perth Harbour remains in operation today, although today there is no railway connection.


Harbour sidings

Chronology Dates

  /  /1846Scottish Central Railway
Perth General station and Perth Harbour branch approved. Junction with Scottish Midland Junction Railway approved.
  /  /1851Scottish Central Railway
Authorisation to proceed with Perth Harbour branch.
  /  /1852Scottish Central Railway
Perth Harbour branch opened to goods.
  /  /1866Highland Railway Scottish Central Railway
Highland Railway granted access to Perth Harbour over the former Scottish Central Railway.
  /  /1968Scottish Central Railway
Perth Harbour branch closed.

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