Naval Base Junction

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Naval Base Junction (1912-)

Opened on the Dunfermline and Queensferry Railway.
Opened on the Rosyth Dockyard Branch.


This was a junction on the Dunfermline and Queensferry Railway.

A waggonway ran from here to Cruicks Pottery, adjoining Crooks Quarry. This waggonway was to ultimately serve the quarry and Inverkeithing Shipbreaking Yard.

A temporary line was laid in from here around 1909 for the construction of Rosyth Naval Base, initially hugging the coastline west of Limpet Ness and serving Rosyth Quarry and the construction sites. This line flew under the existing railway.

A signal box came into operation here in 1912 which survived until 1964 when the Rosyth Dockyard line was singled, since which there has been a loop here operated by ground frames. (This loop is sometimes known as Limpetness, although this location was further west on the Rosyth Naval Base line.) The line north to South Queensferry Junction was doubled in 1917. West to Rosyth Dockyard doubled in 1918.

Sidings to the north served Caldwells Paper Mill, to the south the lines to North Queensferry Pier (line closed 1954), Rosyth Naval Base and Inverkeithing Shipbreaking Yard divided.

This location is now a loop on the Rosyth Dockyard line.