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Newry Armagh Road (1852-1854)
Mullaghglass (1854-1856)

Opened on the Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway.


This was the temporary terminus, originally Newry Armagh Road, of the northern portion Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway, running south from Portadown, before the opening of the middle section over the incomplete Craigmore Viaduct. It was in an isolated location, Mullaghglass, north of Newry. The spelling Mullaglass is also used.

The station ceased to be a terminus in 1852, six months after opening when the line was completed. It was renamed Mullaghglass in 1854.

It closed in 1856, replaced by Newry Main Line which was to the south, closer to Newry itself.


Terminus station


06/01/1852Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway
Isolated portion opened south from Portadown Junction (Ulster Railway) to a temporary terminus, Newry Armagh Road (later Mullaghglass or Mullaglass).
10/06/1852Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway
With the completion of the Craigmore Viaduct the line was extended north from temporary terminus Wellington Inn to meet the isolated portion at Mullaghglass.
01/04/1854Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway
Newry Armagh Road renamed Mullaghglass.
01/01/1856Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway
Mullaghglass closed.