Craigmore Viaduct

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Craigmore Viaduct (1852-)

Opened on the Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway.


This is a double track 18 arch masonry viaduct north of Newry. Spans are 60ft long and the highest is 140ft high. An alternative name for the viaduct is Bessbrook Viaduct). The engineer was Sir John O’Neill and contractors Killean and Moor (Moore?). The viaduct crossed over the Bessbrook River, a mill race and the Bessbrook and Newry Tramway (the trackbed of which is now a foot/cyclepath).

Building of the viaduct, which began in 1849, delayed the opening of the Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway. As a result the line was opened in two portions with the gap being closed in 1852 with completion of the viaduct.

Craigmore Hill is just to the south east.





10/06/1852Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway
With the completion of the Craigmore Viaduct the line was extended north from temporary terminus Wellington Inn to meet the isolated portion at Mullaghglass.