Mosshouse Viaduct

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Mosshouse Viaduct (1848-1976)

Opened on the Muirkirk Branch (Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway).


This was a three arch double track viaduct over the Bellow Water. The viaduct was rebuilt to take a double track and fell out of use in 1976.

The viaduct was west of Cronberry Junction on the line to Auchinleck.

Repair was required on a number of occasions and the stonework was repaired with red and yellow brick.

The viaduct was demolished in the 2000s, falling victim to the possible re-opening of the line for coal traffic (the viaduct would not have been able to carry a railway and required replacement). It was B listed.


Bellow Water viaduct


Rosebank Viaduct


Listing: B


27/05/2008Muirkirk Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Demolition approved by East Ayrshire Council for British Railways Board (Residual) of the Mosshouse Viaduct over the Bellow Water by Cronberry. The viaduct was in poor condition and would need replaced should the Powharnal line be re-opened. The viaduct was demolished by the end of the year 2008.