Mossend Iron and Steel Works

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Mossend Iron and Steel Works (1840-1915)

Served by the Mossend Marshalling Yard (Caledonian Railway).
Open on the William Beardmore & Co Ltd.


This works was located on the west side of the Wishaw and Coltness Railway and north of the A775. It was initially a malleable iron works. This was the first malleable iron works in Scotland to use Henry Cort^s puddling process.

The works was originally served by a short branch which ran north west from the north end of Holytown [1st] station. Lines from the branch to the works continued west and north to coal pits.

With expansion of the works eastwards it covered the site of the original branch close to the W&C and a new connection making a trailing connection to the northbound line north of Mossend station was installed. The works became and iron and steel works. Slag was dumped, by rail, to the north of the site and the colliery line to the west remained, now serving Hattonrigg Colliery Pits Nos 3,4 (also served from the Glasgow, Bothwell, Hamilton and Coatbridge Railway).

William Beardmore & Co Ltd took over the site from the Summerlee & Mossend Steel Co Ltd in 1905 and rebuilt the works. This incarnation of the works survived until 1915 when a new larger Mossend Steel Works was built just to the north west, replacing the older works. This reconstruction was due to the demands of Great War and was in part supported by the Ministry of Munitions.


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01/10/1878Wishaw and Coltness Railway
Sidings laid in to the rebuilt Mossend Iron and Steel Works.
  /  /1905William Beardmore & Co Ltd
Mossend Iron and Steel Works purchased and reconditioning begins.
  /  /1908William Beardmore & Co Ltd
Mossend Iron and Steel Works re-building complete.
  /  /1915William Beardmore & Co Ltd
Construction of new Mossend Steel Works begins. The new works was larger and west of the original Mossend Iron and Steel Works which was demolished.