Meadowmill Mine

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Meadowmill Mine (1954-1960)

Served by the Fleets Colliery Extension (Tranent Waggonway).


This mine was developed by the National Coal Board close to the East Coast Main Line. It was served by the railway which linked the Tranent Branch (North British Railway) to the Tranent Waggonway the southern portion of which had been converted to a standard gauge railway. Approach was from Prestonpans on the main line.

Colliery waste was tipped to the north. Sidings serving the mine were looped, the east end continuing on along the Tranent Waggonway formation round the east of Tranent to Fleets Colliery.

With the closure of Fleets Colliery the portion of line east of Meadowmill Mine was retained as a headshunt. This was the final portion of the Tranent Waggonway trackbed to fall out of use. Operation of the mine ceased in 1960 and it closed officially in 1962. This portion of the Tranent Waggonway could be said to have been open for 240 years.

The tip has been landscaped into a pyramid shape and is now the 'Prestonpans Battlefield Viewpoint'.


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