Maudlands Junction

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Maudlands Junction (1844-1885)

Opened on the Preston and Wyre Railway, Dock and Harbour.


The name is assumed. At this junction the Preston and Wyre Railway Dock and Harbour's approach to its Preston terminus (Maudlands [P&WR] , opened 1840) was met by a curve of 1844 which gave it access to Preston via what is now named Fylde Junction.

The original approach to Maudlands [P&WR] crossed, just to the east, Maudlands Level Crossings to reach the terminus, an inconvenient arrangement and a station distant from Preston itself. This curve allowed tains to run to the Preston station of the North Union Railway via a short portion of the Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway.

After closure of Maudlands to passengers the terminus, and its approach, remained open to goods for a while.

From 1850 the Preston, Fleetwood and West Riding Junction Railway met the Wyre line at the same Maudlands Junction. This remained the main connection for this line which planned to use Fleetwood as the port for the area north east from Preston. As a connection for passengers it was very inconvenient and a new curve opened in 1885 which allowed the former connection and the level crossing to close.