Lumphinnans North Junction

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Lumphinnans North Junction (1902-1967)

Opened on the Kinross-shire Railway.

Opened on the Lumphinnans North Junction to Lumphinnans East Junction (North British Railway).


This junction opened with a new double track curve to Lumphinnans East Junction in 1902, the existing line remained single track. The curve allowed a goods train from the Kelty direction to run east onto the Dunfermline Branch. The route south to Lumphinnans Central Junction was realigned to make a junction a little further to the north. The box opened in 1901. The Dunfermline branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway) dated from 1848, the Kinross-shire Railway from 1860.

The line continued north west as a single track to Kelty South Junction.

In 1935 the box here, in the 'V' of the junction, took over Lumphinnans East Junction box.

Both Kelty lines here closed in 1967. The location is now landscaped farmland.