Lostock Hall Junction

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Lostock Hall Junction (1849-)

Station code: XLS National Rail
Opened on the Blackburn and Preston Railway.


The Blackburn and Preston Railway opened through here in 1846, running from a junction with the North Union Railway at Farington to Blackburn. This became part of the East Lancashire Railway in the same year.

This became a junction in 1849 with the opening of the Liverpool, Ormskirk and Preston Railway (East Lancashire Railway) which extended the East Lancashire Railway to Liverpool. Briefly trains would have to reverse here to reach Preston.

In 1850 a triangular junction opened to the east which gave independent access to Preston from the south, not requiring an reversal. The junction is marked Preston Junction on early Ordnance Survey maps.

In 1859 the East Lancashire Railway was absorbed by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.

A shed opened at Lostock Hall Shed in 1877.

In 1891 a new curve opened to the west between Moss Lane Junction and Farington Curve Junction. A connection to this was made from Lostock Hall in 1908.

The approach from the eastern triangular junction closed in 1973, the west to north curve closing completely in 1977.

The shed closed in 1988.