Longridge [1st]

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Longridge [1st] (1845-1848)

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Opened on the Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness Railway.


This was the original eastern terminus of the Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness Railway.

The railway effectively petered out in a field. This location was probably chosen as a location on the Whitburn to Forth road. It had been intended to run east to the Wilsontown Iron Works, but this failed in 1842.

Later OS maps make it difficult to know what was here, certainly a line on an embankment with a building alongside the road. Perhaps a rounding loop. There may have been a platform.

When the line was extended west, by the Longridge to Bathgate (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway) this terminus was replaced by a small through station to the north, Longridge [2nd]. This terminus was left on a short branch and became a goods siding, cut back to close to the junction.

The site remains unused and overgrown.


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