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Londonderry Waterside [2nd] (1874-1965)
Londonderry [Waterside] [2nd] (1965-1980)
Londonderry (2019-)

Opened on the Londonderry and Coleraine Railway.

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This terminus opened in 2019, re-using the building built in 1874, replacing the Londonderry [Waterside] [3rd] terminus of 1980. In addition to the elegant reconditioned station building (stone built with a clock tower) and trainshed there is an island platform and sidings.

The station is located on the east bank of the River Foyle, across the river from the historic city, in Waterside. In the immediate vicinity it is approached from the north (trains ultimately travel south east to Belfast). The station is also known as Waterside or Londonderry Waterside and the city itself is also known as Derry.



Station terminus


  /  /1965Dublin and Antrim Junction Railway
Re-opened to passengers to carry CIE trains to Londonderry on closure of the route via Omagh.
  /  /1978Belfast Central Railway
Londonderry trains diverted via Lisburn to Belfast Central.
  /  /1978Belfast and Ballymena Railway
Bleach Green Junction to Antrim falls out of use with the diversion of the Londonderry trains.
  /  /1992Belfast and Ballymena Railway
Antrim to Ballymena restored in anticipation of the diversion of Londonderry trains via Whiteabbey, to be introduced with the opening of the Cross Harbour Link. Loops prepared at Kingsmoss and Templepatrick, and north of Antrim at Magherabeg.
28/11/1994Cross Harbour Link
Opens to link Yorkgate, temporary terminus of the former Belfast and Ballymena Railway, to the new Lagan Junction on the Belfast Central Railway. The line is largely on viaducts and is single track with a passing loop at Donegall Quay [Belfast] , site of a planned station. Londonderry trains cease running via Crumlin and return to the route via Whiteabbey. The viaduct, 4,675ft, is named for William Dargan.
08/10/2019Londonderry and Coleraine Railway
Londonderry [Waterside] [3rd] closed to allow completion of the new Londonderry station.
21/10/2019Londonderry and Coleraine Railway
Londonderry opens on the site of the 1874 Londonderry [Waterside] [2nd], replacing the 1980 Londonderry [Waterside] [3rd].


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