Loch Tay: The former Loch Tay terminus, photographed in April 1966, six months after closure of the Killin branch. The Locomotive shed stands in the background 32557. See image 83256 for a present day view of the station.
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) /04/1966

Loch Tay

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Loch Tay (Killin Pier) (1886-1895)
Loch Tay (1895-1939)

Opened on the Killin Railway.


This was a single platform station with a rounding loop. It was the terminus of the Killin Railway located alongside a rail served pier at the west end of Loch Tay.

The platform was on the south/east side of the loop. The station building was a small timber Caledonian Railway style. There was a signal box at the Killin [2nd] end of the station.

The line continued past the station northwards to the single road locomotive shed (Loch Tay Shed).

There was tightly curved line onto the railway owned pier which was approached from the Killin [2nd] direction. This had a short loop. These were trans-shipment sidings and the pier was equipped with a crane

Connecting steamers continued the journey, running east to destinations such as Kenmore Pier.

The line closed briefly in 1929 for bridge works. The box closed in 1935 and the station closed to passengers in 1939. The line remained open however. The loop was used for rounding by some of the trains terminating at Killin [2nd] and Loch Tay Shed remained open. Final closure was in 1965, coinciding with the closure of the Callander and Oban Railway main line after the Glen Ogle Rockfall.

Remarkably the station building remains, altered, in use as a house. The pier no longer exists.



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Chronology Dates

01/04/1886Killin Railway
Killin Junction to Loch Tay opened; stations at Killin Junction (on the Callander and Oban Railway), Killin [2nd] and Loch Tay.
09/09/1939Killin Railway
Loch Tay station closed to passengers.
11/09/1939Killin Railway
Loch Tay to Killin [2nd] closed to all traffic (except Loch Tay Shed access).
  /03/2004Killin Railway
Killin Community Council considers re-opening line between Loch Tay and Killin [2nd] as a narrow gauge tourist line.


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