Letterkenny [LR]

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Letterkenny [LR] (1883-1940)

Opened on the Letterkenny Railway.

Opened on the Letterkenny and Burtonport Extension Railway.

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This was the western terminus of the Letterkenny Railway, a 3 ft gauge line to Burt Junction.

The Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway connected to it, and operated it, by re-opening an abandoned portion of their Farland Point branch. Not long afterwards the Swilly converted its gauge to 3 ft.

The station was modified when the line was extended west to Burtonport.

In 1909 Letterkenny [SandLR] opened to the north and a connection to the east allowed trains from that line to terminate in the L&LSR station.

The station was on the eastern edge of the small town, there were two platforms, a loop, locomotive shed at the east end, and goods yard to the south.

The station closed to passengers in 1940 and completely in 1953.


Station terminus


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