Lampits Junction

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Lampits Junction (1848-1860)

Opened on the Caledonian Railway.


This was the north end of a curve allowing trains to run from Carlisle to Edinburgh. The south end was at Float Junction. The curve opened with the Caledonian Railway line and was east of Carstairs Junction.

The curve fell into disuse at an early date, as commented on in the Ordnance Survey Name Book for 1860

A double line of Railway which runs in a direction almost due North, thro' the centre of the parish, towards the south of the parish, a branch line from the Caledonian Railway from Edinburgh was laid for the purpose of meeting the Caledonian Railway from Glasgow via Carstairs to Carlisle but it was found that this branch would not be of much consequence, therefore it is now entirely in disuse. There are two Railway Stations in the parish viz Carnwath and Auchengray. - A considerable extent of this railway runs thro' Carnwath Moss, so which very materially augmented the expense of construction.

The opening, in 1867, of the line to Dolphinton, which crossed almost on the level, put paid to any further re-opening and a smaller tighter curve was put in closer to Carstairs station in 1872.

The Float to Lampits curve has been referred to as the 'Queens Curve', suggesting that it only ever carried one train, for her, once. This is unlikely in the entire 1848 to 1860 period.