Kincardine Ground Frame

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Names and dates

Kincardine Signal Box (1960-1984)
Kincardine Ground Frame (1984-)

Opened on the Kincardine Branch (North British Railway).
Opened on the Kincardine Power Station (British Railways).


This signal box opened on the east side of the line at the point where the siding into Kincardine Power Station's yard struck off to the north west. A loop was installed on the line between the box and the former Kincardine station, to the south.

The line to Kincardine Junction and on to Alloa West Junction fell out of use in 1981. The box remained open.

The signal box effectively became a ground frame in 1984. It closed in 1988 and was demolished quickly afterwards.

The line into the Kincardine Power Station yard remained open. The yard was progressively lifted and after the power station closed the yard became a loading pad for Longannet Power Station.

The line was rebuilt in 2008 when the railway to Alloa re-opened. The ground frame was replaced here to enter the yard, which was used for construction materials and as a ballast store.


Junction signal box