Johnstone North Signal Box

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Johnstone North Signal Box (1896-1905)

Opened on the Kilbarchan Loop (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This signal box was east of Johnstone North [1st], the terminus of a short branch from Cart Junction. The signal box was on the north side of the line where it divided into passenger and goods lines east of the station.

The box closed in 1905 with the opening of the Kilbarchan loop and its replacement Johnstone North [2nd] station.

Even after the opening of the new line a junction remained here. The former terminus was not the goods yard for the new station. It was approached by a line burrowing under the new station. A single track ran west along the south side of the new station to meet the new railway at the west end of the station. The line east to Cart Junction was doubled.

The line passing under the station to the goods yard was taken out when the goods yard was modified to be approached from the new line. Around the same time the line to the west end of the station was removed.


Signal box

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