Grange Signal Box [Kilmarnock]

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Grange Signal Box [Kilmarnock] (-1974)

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This signal box was west of Kilmarnock station on the line to Troon. To the south, across Bonnyton Road, was a mineral line to Grange Colliery No 1 Pit and Grange Colliery No 2 Pit which ran to the south west. The connection was on the west side of the line, making a trailing connection. On the east side, also making a trailing connection, was a timber yard siding.

A westbound loop, which was formerly a headshunt from Kilmarnock Junction serving the sidings of Kilmarnock Goods and the Caledonia Works, connected just north of the signal box.

The box was located north of Bonnyton Road, west side of the line. It closed in 1974 and the line was singled.

To the north, but not associated with the box, were the Kilmarnock Works of the Glasgow and South Western Railway.


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