Friarton Yard

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Friarton Yard

Opened on the Scottish Central Railway.


This goods yard this was chiefly a marshalling yard on the east side of the line between Friarton Junction, to the south, and the Edinburgh Road bridge to the north. There were no loading banks, cranes or goods sheds, but the site was classified as having public sidings after 1962.

From Friarton Junction a line ran north between two groups of sidings. Those on the west side had some looped lines but most were dead end sidings approached from the north. The sidings on the east side were all dead end sidings approached from the south. The central road between the yards rejoined at the Edinburgh Road and also continued north serving Perth Locomotive Workshops and Craigie Sidings.

The yard marshalled trains which were called on to the various goods yards, particularly the Perth Harbour branch, just to the east, and Perth Gasworks, to the south.

The yard partly survived the re-signalling of 1962, the opening of Perth New Yard, also 1962, and the closure of the Perth Harbour branch, 1968. All the east side (up) sorting sidings were lifted with some remaining west side (down) sorting sidings being left as a public depot.

Some sidings remained until the 1980s (with a tippler, possibly from the nearby closed shed) and even into the 1990s, a small group of dead end sidings accessed from the north. These were used for lime, then permanent way use and also for storage of redundant wagons. Also referred to as McPherson's Siding after the lime merchant.

The site is presently vacant and railway owned, a possible site for a train maintenance depot.

Before the yard was established here there were rail served coke ovens.



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