East Fife Central Junction

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East Fife Central Junction (1898-1964)

Opened on the Leven Railway.
Opened on the East Fife Central Railway.
Opened on the Kirkland Yard and Leven Dock to Methil Line Widening (North British Railway).


This was a four way junction between the 1854 Leven Railway and the 1898 East Fife Central Railway and Kirkland Yard (North British Railway) (around 1910).

To the west the East Fife Central turned to the north. It ran parallel and on the north side of the Leven Railway to the signal box, which was on the north side of the junction.

To the east the Kirkland Yard lines ran east on the south side of the Leven Railway.

The Leven Railway was doubled in 1910.

The East Fife Central closed in 1964. East to Leven closed in 1969. The box closed in 1970.

The line remained open to Methil Power Station through the remains of Kirkland Yard, closing in the 1990s.

Track remains, very overgrown and the niche for the signal box can be seen.




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