Devon Colliery Signal Box

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Names and dates

Sauchie Station Signal Box (1881-1881)
Devon Colliery Signal Box (1881-1967)

Opened on the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway.


This signal box was on the west side of the double track line between Alloa [1st] and Tillicoultry. Just to the south was Sauchie station.

The box controlled access to Devon Colliery Furnacebank Pits Nos 1, 2. The branch ran north west from the main line, with the Devon Sidings (an exchange yard) close to the junction. The branch curved north, then west to reach the colliery.

To the south, on the east side of the line, was the Auchinbaird Siding. Beyond this a little further south was Sauchie station.

The signal box changed name at an unknown date. This date is likely to have been close to 1879 (ie almost immediately when the box opened) as the colliery was resunk in 1879.

The box closed in 1967 when the line was singled.



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