Dalnacardoch Ground Frame

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Dalanraoch Signal Box [3rd] (1966-1978)
Dalnacardoch Ground Frame (1978-)

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Opened on the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway.


This box controlled a passing loop during the period 1966-1978 that the line betweenBlair Atholl and Dalwhinnie reverted to a single track with passing loops, one loop being at Dalanraoch. The box opened in 1966, replacing the older Dalanraoch Signal Box [2nd].

The loop closed in 1978 when the line between Blair Atholl and Dalwhinnie was redoubled.

The box remained after closure as an emergency use ground frame controlling crossovers and renamed to Dalnacardoch which had been the name of the original box nearby (Dalnacardoch Signal Box was a quarter of a mile to the south).

The box remains still as a single storey structure, having been reduced in height around 2010.

Dalnacardoch Lodge is to the north west and Dail-an-fhraoich (Dalanraoch) is to the north.


Signal box ground frame


Dalnacardoch Box Dalanraoch


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