Dalanraoch Signal Box [2nd]

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Dalanraoch Signal Box [2nd] (1942-1966)

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Opened on the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway.


This 1942 box was opened further east than Dalanraoch Box [1st] which it replaced. Edendon Signal Box opened further west around the same time, the alterations reducing the length of sections. This box was three quarters of a mile east of the first box.

The box was brick built with a timber upper. It, unlike other wartime boxes opened around this time, had a pitched roof. Perhaps the single sloping roof used elsewhere could have been overcome by snow at this exposed location. The box was on the north side of the line.

The box closed in 1966 when the line was singled. It was replaced by a third box of the same name, Dalanraoch Signal Box [3rd], controlling a loop which was located a mile to the west (ie a quarter of a mile west of the original box).


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