Edendon Signal Box

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Edendon Signal Box (1942-1951)

Opened on the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway.


This wartime signal box split the section between Dalnaspidal and Dalanraoch Signal Box [2nd] (the Dalanraoch box was relocated east to, when combined with Edendon, increase line capacity for additional wartime traffic). It was a traditionally styled signal box and was located on the south side of the line with the River Garry behind and below it.

Near the site of the box the line, just to the east, crosses from the north bank of the River Garry to the south bank.

The line was reduced to a single track in 1966 but restored to double track in 1978 and remains open.

The box was named for the Edendon Water, a water course which approaches from the north to join the River Garry at Edendon Bridge.


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