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Crookston (1885-1983)
Crookston (1990-)

Station code: CKT National Rail ScotRail
Opened on the Paisley Canal Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway).
Open on the Paisley Canal Line.


This is a minimal single platform station. The platform is the former westbound platform - when the Canal Line re-opened to passengers in 1990 it was a single track and the eastbound line was not relaid.

When opened the station was in the countryside with only a few large houses and farms nearby.

The main station building was on the eastbound platform. It was burned down after closure in 1983 and was then, fortunately, rebuilt as a house. This is a single storey building with round topped windows (the former station building at Potterhill is similar).

There was a goods yard to the south, served from the west. South of this was a large number of sidings.

A box opened with the station, on the north side of the line at the entry point to the goods yard. The box was replaced in 1923.

After closure in 1983, and before reopening in 1990, the footbridge from here was moved to Auchinleck station. The line from Corkerhill to Paisley Canal was retained, but only a single track. This served the oil sidings at Hawkhead until passenger re-opening. The box closed in 1983.

To the east of the station is Crookston Loop.

The station is not built on the former canal. The course of the canal here meandered from west of the station to the south of the station, nearly to join the White Cart Water, before returning to the route of the railway (briefly) just north of Cardonald Mill.



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