Caledonia Works [2nd]

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Kilmarnock Goods (1843-1990)
Caledonia Works [2nd] (1990-)

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Served by the Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co.


This is a railway works on the south side of Kilmarnock station, at its west end. It was initially opened as a works for the Class 155 to 153 contract. The works is known as the Caledonia Works after the original Barclays works it replaced.

This was the site of the goods yard of the Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway. Approach was originally from the north west at Kilmarnock Junction, the Dalry direction. This has been altered to be from the line to Barassie.

Prior to the 1990 relocation of the railway works, from Caledonia Works on the south side of West Langlands Street, the sidings formed the exchange yard with the works.

1990 - 2007 Hunslet Barclay
2007 - 2020 Brush-Barclay
2011 - 2020 Wabtec Rail Scotland
2020 - Brodie Engineering

After closure in the early part of the year, the site was taken over by Brodie Engineering (also based at the Bonnyton Rail Depot across the Troon line) in 2020.

An official re-opening by Brodie Engineering was held on the 13th of June 2022.


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Wabtec Rail Scotland Works Brodie Engineering [Caledonia Works] Hunslet Barclay

Chronology Dates

  /  /1990Hunslet Barclay
Caledonia Works closed and new works opened on the site of the former Kilmarnock Goods yard (used as exchange and other sidings by the works before relocation).