Burntisland West Dock

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Burntisland West Dock (1876-)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Northern Railway.


This dock is in Burntisland Harbour. There is a dock gate. Burntisland Shipyard, to the west, remains open.

This dock was opened in 1876, replacing the Mud Harbour and Herring Craig. It was opened to handle coal exports and goods.

The dock was served by lines which extended the harbour line alongside Burntisland [1st] and Burntisland Albert Pier westwards. These lines were at ground level, unlike those carried on the Burntisland Viaduct west of Burntisland station today.

A mud harbour was retained on the west side of a central pier. On the east side of the central pier was the west dock.

The dock had a coal hoist on the north side and warehousing on the west side. A hydraulic accumulator was on the east side.

Sidings extending from Burntisland [1st] ran round the north side of the dock and mud harbour. There were yards to the north of the dock and north west of the mud harbour. Burntisland Goods, with a shed, was by Harbour Place.

Burntisland Shipyard opened on the west side of the mud harbour in 1918.

The mud harbour has been filled in. The quaysides are no longer railway served. The dock remains open.

Burntisland East Dock was opened to the east in 1901.

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