Bargeddie [NB]

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Cuilhill (1871-1904)
Bargeddie [NB] (1904-1927)

Opened on the Glasgow and Coatbridge Branch (North British Railway).

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This was a two platform station with the main building on the Glasgow bound platform. Although there was little housing in the area there were a number of coal mines. The main station building was on the westbound platform and signalbox on the eastbound.

To the west the Drumpellier Railway, a much older line, passed overhead and just west of that was a connection to Bartonshill Colliery No 1, previously served by a private line to Cuilhill Canal Basin.

To the east the line passed over the Monkland Canal and the Heatheryknowe Railway ran from Heatheryknowe Junction to a series of pits.

The station closed in 1927 and the signal box was closed in 1944.

Nothing remains of this station.

There was a scrap yard here. Carriages were disposed of by burning and cutting up the remaining metal. Locomotives were also disposed of.