Annat Signal Box

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Annat Signal Box (1964-2013)

Opened on the Mallaig Extension (West Highland Railway).


This signal box opened in 1964, replacing that at Camus-na-ha Sidings to the west. The box controlled Annat West and Annat East level crossings and the entry into Scottish Pulp and Paper Mills which had led to its opening. It was located on the north side of the line.

The box was originally flat roofed and was later fitted with a peaked roof. It seems this box was relocated from Kinglassie Colliery.

The siding into the mill ran started just west of the west level crossing and ran west, then south and finally east to serve the southern part of the site where there was a series of sidings. There was a ground frame at the point of junction.

The box became a gate box in 1987.

The box closed in 2013, largely redundant after the closure of the mill in 2005.


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