Nantyglo Iron Works


  /  /1791Nantyglo Iron works
Finding the land leased too large, Hill Hopkins and Pratt sub-lease lands to Harford and Partridge.
  /  /1795Nantyglo Iron works
First works opened by Harford, Hill and Co. The works had two furnaces and forges.
  /  /1796Nantyglo Iron works
Iron works closed due to financial difficulties.
  /  /1802Nantyglo Iron works
Works bought by Joseph Harrison.
  /  /1811Nantyglo Iron works
Joseph Bailey and Matthew Wayne buy works. Improvements are made and the works re-opened.
  /  /1816Nantyglo Iron Works
Joseph Bailey builds two roundhouses (the Nantyglo Round Towers which were Martello towers) for the Bailey family's protection at Nantyglo. The truck system operated at the works and violent protests were not unknown.
  /  /1820Nantyglo Iron Works
Matthew Wayne retires and is replaced by Crawshay Bailey.
  /  /1825Nantyglo Iron Works
Seven blast furnaces in operation.
  /  /1829Baileys Tramroad
Tramroad built from Nantyglo Iron Works near Brynmawr, to Govilon on the Brecknock and Abergavenny Canal.
  /  /1833Beaufort Iron Works
Crawshay Bailey buys Beaufort Iron Works for £45,000. Beaufort Iron works starts to supply iron for the mills at Nantyglo Iron Works.
  /  /1844Nantyglo Iron Works
Lion Tin Plate Works opened.
01/08/1859Merthyr, Tredegar and Abergavenny Railway
Company incorporated. Backed by Crawshay Bailey of Nantyglo Iron Works, James Hill of Blaenavon Iron Works and Thomas Brown of Ebbw Vale Iron Works. Engineer; John Gardner.
  /  /1865Alexandra Docks and Railway
Alexandra Docks and Railway incorporated. Subscribed to by Lord Tredegar, Crawshay Bailey and other ironmasters from Cwmbran Iron Works, Nantyglo Iron Works, Tredegar Iron Works and Rhymney Iron Works. Act also allows construction of railways.
  /  /1871J.&C. Bailey (Joseph Bailey and Crawshay Bailey)
Sell Nantyglo Iron Works to Brynmawr railway to the Nantyglo and Blaina Iron Company.
  /  /1871Crawshay Bailey
Sells the Nantyglo Iron Works and Beaufort Iron Works for £300,000.
31/07/1902Brynmawr and Western Valleys Railway
Line taken over jointly by the London and North Western Railway and the Great Western Railway as the Nantyglo and Blaina Iron Company were asking too high a price to buy their private Nantyglo Iron Works to Brynmawr railway.