Halbeath Waggonway


This railway is closed and lifted.


  /  /1780Halbeath Waggonway
Opened from Halbeath collieries to Inverkeithing Harbour by Lloyd Brothers with wooden rails, branches to Townhill and Appin collieries.
  /  /1783Halbeath Waggonway
Line completely opened.
  /  /1785Halbeath Waggonway
Transferred to Campbell Morrison & Co Ltd.
  /  /1798Halbeath Waggonway
Line re-laid with iron rails.
  /  /1841Townhill Tramway
Halbeath Waggonway junction laid in for the Townhill Tramway at Guttergates.
  /  /1847Halbeath Waggonway
Halbeath colliery section closed.
  /  /1856Halbeath Waggonway
Connection with Charlestown and Dunfermline Railway opened.
  /  /1867Halbeath Waggonway
Majority of line closed.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

Southern end of the former Halbeath Waggonway and used for coal export. The harbour was on the west bank of the Inverkeithing Burn, to the south of where Caldwell's Paper Mill developed.

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This bridge carries Boreland Road over the former course of the Halbeath Waggonway.

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Looking south to the Boreland Road bridge, over the trackbed of the Halbeath Railway, on 14 October. The span to the right is over the Keithing Burn ...
Bill Roberton 14/10/2019
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