Eyemouth Railway


This line is closed. It was a short single track railway which connected Eyemouth with Burnmouth. The principal engineering feature was the Eye Water Viaduct.


  /  /1884Eyemouth Railway
Eyemouth Railway authorised.
  /  /1891Eyemouth Railway
Line opened.
  /  /1900Eyemouth Railway
North British Railway
Merged with North British Railway.
11/08/1948Eyemouth Railway
Following serious flooding on the 11th and 12th the line closed for 9 months (reconstruction of the East Coast Main Line, also damaged, was prioritised). The central pier of the Eye Water Viaduct, a girder viaduct, was washed away. Amazingly the viaduct did not collapse.
29/06/1949Eyemouth Railway
Re-opened after repairs following flood damage in 1948.
05/02/1962Eyemouth Railway
Eyemouth to Burnmouth closed to all traffic.
  /07/1962Eyemouth Railway
Track lifting begins.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This station served Burnmouth, it was in the north of the village, and was the junction for Eyemouth.

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North British Railway
The Eyemouth branch train, headed by J39 64917, awaits the imminent arrival at Burnmouth of the connecting Edinburgh to Newcastle stopping service. ...
Brian Haslehust 20/01/1962
A southbound HST about a mile east of Burnmouth in 1988. The wires were still being installed. ...
Ewan Crawford //1988
Heaton shed's A3 Pacific no 60073 St Gatien draws the 2.25pm Edinburgh-Newcastle stopping service into Burnmouth on Saturday 27th January 1962. ...
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) 27/01/1962
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This was the terminus of a short branch from Burnmouth serving the fishing port of Eyemouth. The station was on the west bank of the Eye Water at a cramped location with the main road to Eyemouth (Victoria Road) higher above and to the west and a drop off down to the Eye Water to the east. Eyemouth Harbour was just to the north where the Eye Water meets the sea.

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J39 0-6-0 64917 at Eyemouth with the branch service for Burnmouth, on 20th January 1962, two weeks before closure of the branch. ...
Brian Haslehust 20/01/1962
The briefest table in the Scottish Region timetable for winter 1960-61. Notice that after a train arrived at Eyemouth at 0920, that was it until 1530. ...
David Panton 12/09/1960
J39 0-6-0 no 64844 of Tweedmouth shed awaits its departure time from the terminus at Eyemouth with the mid-afternoon train to Burnmouth on 27th ...
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) 27/01/1962
J39 64844 preparing to lift the mid-afternoon departure from Eyemouth to Burnmouth on 27th January 1962, one week before complete closure. ...
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) 27/01/1962
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