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Burnmouth (1849-1962)

Opened on the North British Railway.

Opened on the Eyemouth Railway.


This station served Burnmouth, it was in the north of the village, and was the junction for Eyemouth.

The station originally had two platforms, with a goods yard on the south side, approached from the west. The station building, a stone built single storey, was on the south side of the platforms.

It became a junction in 1891 on the opening of the branch. The box was replaced in 1894. This ran into a bay platform on the Berwick bound platform. There were several loops just to the west of the bay and a connection to allow trains from the east/south to enter the branch.

The branch ran parallel and to the north of the main line for about a third of a mile before turning north towards Eyemouth.

The branch closed in 1962 to passengers and goods and Burnmouth closed to passengers. The box, at the west end and north of the line, closed in 1968.

The station building remains in use as a house. A goods office still stands in what is now the garden.


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