Clyde Trustees


  /  /1840Clyde Trustees
Buy land at Stobcross. This was to later become the Queens Dock and would be served by the Stobcross Railway from 1874.
  /  /1860Clyde Trustees
Decide to build a wet dock (the Queens Dock) on their land at Stobcross. The North British Railway promotes the Stobcross Railway as a branch of the Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway to serve it. (1860s).
  /  /1870Clyde Trustees
Queens Dock authorised. (Also known as Stobcross Dock.)
  /  /1875Glasgow Central Station (Caledonian Railway)
In exchange for the Clyde Viaduct [Glasgow Central] [1st] crossing the River Clyde at the Broomielaw, the Caledonian Railway pays the Clyde Trustees £70,500.
  /  /1875Glasgow Central Station (Caledonian Railway)
Compensation to the Clyde Trustees for the Glasgow Bridge (also known as Jamaica Bridge). Additionally the Caledonian Railway contributes to the cost of widening the bridge.