Broxburn Railway


  /  /1867Broxburn Railway
Act receives Royal ascent.
  /  /1870Broxburn Railway
Approximate year of opening from Broxburn Junction.
  /  /1873Broxburn Railway North British Railway
Broxburn Railway absorbed by North British Railway.
  /  /1968Broxburn Railway
Line closed.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This junction on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway was for the Broxburn Oil Works branch, the Broxburn Railway. The branch also served the Albyn Oil Works. The branch was approached from the north.

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View towards Edinburgh at Broxburn Junction in 2003. The Broxburn branch ran off to the right and there were several sidings off the branch. The ...
Ewan Crawford 26/12/2003
Bings at the former shale works at Broxburn. ...
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