Underwood Viaduct

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Underwood Viaduct (1840-)

Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway.


Having crossed the White Cart Water and passed through Paisley Gilmour Street the line to Greenock continues at a high level via the Underwood Viaduct to Paisley St James.

From Paisley Gilmour Street the viaduct crosses Stoney Brae by a arch, extended by a girder bridge to the south, followed by 24 brick arches followed by a king pillar. A three arch sandstone skew bridge crosses Underwood Road - an arch crossing each pavement and much larger 43 ft span over the road itself (bearing the scars of many vehicle strikes). The line continues as a raised embankment with brick built retaining walls to Paisley St James.




Listing: A


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