Straiton Sidings

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Straiton Sidings

Opened on the Edinburgh, Loanhead and Roslin Railway.
Opened on the Pentland and Straiton Oilworks Railway.


The box controlled access to the Pentland and Straiton Oilworks Railway for Straiton Oil Works and Pentland Oil Works. The signal box, 'Straiton', was on the east side of the line at the junction. It opened in 1877. The branch was accessed from the north.

There were looped sidings, 'Straiton Sidings' an exchange yard, at the start of the branch.

To the south was Edgefield Siding for Eldin Chemical Works and Edgefield Candle Works, on the east side and approached from the south.

Further south again was Edgefield Weighs Cabin, the Ramsay Colliery Ground Frame.

Straiton Box closed in 1900. Straiton Oil Works and Pentland Oil Works had closed in 1897.

The mineral line remained open and the box was replaced with the Clippens Ground Frame.


Signal box sidings junction 06/06/2019


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