Sheepford Viaduct

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Sheepford Viaduct (1886-1990)

Opened on the Airdrie Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This disused six span double track girder viaduct, also known as the Calder Viaduct, is east of Calder station and west of Cairnhill Junction. It is around 375 feet long. The viaduct formerly crossed over the Monkland Canal immediately east of the Sheepford Locks. Also known as the Calder Viaduct or Lock Street Viaduct.

The eastern piers are perpendicular to the viaduct's alignment and the western two are skewed to accommodate the former route of the canal.

A minor siding of the Sheepford Branch (Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway) passed underneath at the east end.

In order to reach the high ground around Airdrie from the lower land at Whifflet the line climbed going eastwards, rising on a high embankment and crossing the low ground where the Monkland Canal ran with the large viaduct.

After closure to passengers in 1930 the line was singled, the eastbound line being lifted.

Freight was last regularly carried to the Imperial Tube Works in 1986/7 and the line closed in 1990 (lifted around 1993?).

Both former canal and former railway are now foot/cycle paths.




Calder Viaduct [Sheepford] Lock Street Viaduct